Most everybody today understands that we are living in an era of rapidly advancing technology that has led to mind-blowing discoveries that have changed our daily lives in the ways we communicate, study, work, play, shop and behave.

AT lives and breathes digital technology, it’s what fuels their passion and gets them out of bed every day.

Currently providing a range of products and services that allows you to:

This passion has led to AT developing a unique brand that embodies the best technology has to offer to improve and impact lives.

Their 180by2 Brand is all about 360° Imagery; everything from buying the hardware, to learning and using this technology to change your world and create memories and experiences that last forever.


African Technopreneurs is a start-up EARN Group company focused on digital technology with its long-term goal being to develop, support and promote techno-entrepreneurs, especially unemployed youth, in the tech-business sector.

AT understands that Africa holds huge promise in the technology space as a fifth of the continent now have access to a broadband connection. This connectivity is growing daily and is set to triple in the next five years. The opportunities that arise from the development of African techno-entrepreneurs grows exponentially as a result and who knows.
– the next Snapchat or Facebook may be conceived and born in Africa,

This potential for growth is what fuels the mission of African Technopreneurs to discover and reveal the creativity that lies beneath the surface. It’s about presenting the opportunity, the knowledge, the skills and the development of those unique individuals that may just
… change the world.


Bringing you the best technology has to offer with advice and products for 360° Imagery, Flexible Roaming and Virtual Reality for all.


No hassle, no fuss –
an ultra-thin, seamless microchip which attaches to your normal sim card and gives you instant connectivity.

Provides roaming in 100+ Countries.
You can browse the internet while you are travelling with high-speed 4G data roaming anywhere in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and America.


Create magic and take somebody where they may never be able to go

– allow them to experience it as if they were there
– this is what a 360° Camera can do for you.

Our range of cameras puts this within reach of most everybody and allows you to create memories and share experiences of a lifetime or real-time images with others, easily.


Virtual Reality allows a person to experience something in 3D and interact with what they are seeing. Imagine a bed-ridden person being able to experience being at a concert of their favourite artist, without being there.

Our headsets put this power within your hands. All our headsets are thoroughly tested and vetted by AT providing you with peace of mind at an affordable price.